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  • Labour vs Conservative – Economy

    I was told recently that the economy always underperforms with a Labour government. I decided to check whether this was true.

  • My Political Journey

    A story about how I got to the point of standing as a candidate. Includes a request for help!

  • Scandals

    A brief look at some of the recent scandals of the Conservative government.

  • A Musing on Proportional Representation

    How might proportional representation be implemented if we make a change? Does it need to be complicated?

  • Campaign Launch

    I am officially launching my campaign! Support me if you also like democracy, equality and integrity in your elected officials.

  • Tax Evasion by MPs

    I’m going to say something that might be deemed controversial by some (though hopefully not many) – MPs shouldn’t commit tax evasion! I know, I know, a radical suggestion that those elected to represent the country should be happy to pay the country what they owe in taxes. The news this week that Nadhim Zahawi, […]

  • Charges & Fees Galore

    As a New Year present (actually passed before Christmas, but this hardly feels like something fitting for the season of goodwill) it seems that Hillingdon Borough Council has decided to increase the fees and costs for a number of items outside of the proposed increase to council tax. Remember that this is a Conservative council […]

  • On Rishi Sunak and Green Screens

    If I had one piece of advice for Rishi Sunak about delivering speeches, it would be this: “watch out what you stand in front of”. In this case, he stood in front of a uniformly blue background, which made for a wonderful green screen (even though it was actually blue in this case). Stripping out […]