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  • A Wasted Vote?

    Is a vote for the Liberal Democrats a wasted vote? No, it’s a very positive step.

  • Petition – Don’t Take Away Freedom of Speech, Hillingdon Council

    Our freedom of speech is at risk in Hillingdon. Sign a petition to tell Hillingdon Council that this isn’t okay.

  • A Short Update

    It’s been a while since my last post – loads going on in my life, including needing to set myself up as a self-employed worker due to some unpleasantness with my last job (on that note, if you’d like a website or photographic services, my photography site is live now, while if you want my […]

  • Express Route to the Lowest Common Denominator

    I spent four hours in a car yesterday, so was already in a pretty foul mood. When I reached my destination, I saw that my messages contained a really ugly article by the Express. This concerns a fellow Liberal Democrat candidate, Katy Sykes, and I have had the pleasure of being on a panel show […]

  • Face Masks and Personal Responsibility

    I had to go into a hospital today (nothing major for me, in case anyone wonders!) and I was genuinely surprised by something. Only around one person in every five was wearing a face mask, despite these being given out for free at every entrance. This really made me think about personal responsibility and how […]

  • Buy Some Merchandise, Support My Campaign

    First batch of products in my store that you can buy to aid my campaign.

  • Lessons Learned from my Launch

    If you’ve been paying even cursory attention over the last few weeks, you will likely have seen that my campaign launch was coming up. In fact, it was yesterday. I think it’s important to reflect on events and the lessons learned from what occurred during my launch. Tickets Without question, it’s going to be a […]

  • Campaign Launch – 2 Weeks to Go

    When I first booked a date for my campaign launch, it felt like a very long time in the future. Now we have only 2 weeks to go, it feels like it has crept up on me very fast indeed! If you’re in the area and looking for something to do on Sunday 26 February […]