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Fact Check – Conservatives’ Plan for the Economy

I saw this advert and it frankly made my blood boil because it showed that the Conservatives still want to outright lie and misinform the electorate. As such, I thought I would analyse their various claims and indicate why I think that the claim is wrong to make, even the ones that are technically correct. […]

Challenge Accepted!

I was campaigning yesterday and when we were done, we retreated to a local pub to unwind, debrief and, of course, discuss politics. As part of this I approached the barkeeper, who indicated that I have almost no chance of getting elected in the constituency because “there are too many rich people” and “you need […]

Requesting OBR Forecasts – Part 3

This attempt to actually get the Government to share its analysis of the projected impact of Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-Budget in ongoing. Today I had a response to my request for an internal review, which was as follows: I think it is fairly clear from this that the Treasury is desperate not to share this information […]

Episode 3 – Dad and Electoral Reform

A slightly delayed episode of Family Politics in which I chat to my dad about electoral reform – what is it, why is it needed, and how does it relate to cake?

Is the UK a Failed State?

Not exactly a pleasant though, but has the UK failed as a whole? Wikipedia lists the following as general categorisations for a failed state: Of these, I would argue that the only one we have not satisfied is the first, in that we have not (yet) lost control of any territory nor have we (yet) […]

Episode 2 – Tim and Wealth Distribution

A discussion between Ian and Tim, a long-standing friend, about wealth distribution in the UK.  The topic meanders its way through various taxes and benefits and concludes that the current system is wholly broken.

Requesting OBR Forecasts – Part 2

Avid followers of this blog (all one of you) will know that I recently made a Freedom of Information request to obtain the OBR Forecasts provided ahead of Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous mini-Budget, and without any surprise whatsoever this request was rejected. Full details of the rejection are included below: In essence, they have relied on […]

Thanks for the Recession!

It looks like the current forecasts are for the UK to enter recession in the near future, and as things go, it’s going to be a very deep, very long one. It’s fair to say that this is very unlikely to be a good thing, and it will be used as an excuse by the […]