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(Yet) More Conservative Lies

Apparently the Conservatives have released yet another poster filled with lies. As before, I have marked the claims with red crosses to show where there are either factual errors or misleading statements. This doesn’t leave a lot of content on the poster which is both factually accurate and a fair representation of those facts. These […]

An Early Christmas Present

We are very lucky to have a number of people working for the local party at Hillingdon Liberal Democrats, in addition to some great support from the national party. Those people keep us going. At this time, they have been working for some months on our new website, which went live for beta testing in […]

♫ All I Want For Christmas Is… Fairer Representation in Parliament ♫

I’m not sure this will catch on as a Christmas song, but it certainly gives me a good opportunity to talk about my favourite subject – electoral reform! Given the festive season, perhaps I can talk about Proportional Representation in a slightly different way than usual. I have talked about proportional representation before in an […]

Santa and Immigration

Serial flouter of immigration and customs laws. Who does Santa think he is? Coming here every year from his home in Lapland, without a visa and without paying any import duties on the goods he brings to the UK. On top of that, he consumes a vast amount of mince pies and sherry, and he […]

Labour Party Problems

Our current system is broken, in that it is essentially designed to make votes a choice between two major parties in charge of the country. In fact, this goes so far as to name the leader of the Labour party “the leader of the Opposition” – the assumption is that the Government and the Opposition […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… a General Strike

The UK is now approaching mass strike action, which feels a lot like a General Strike. It’s not, but only because the various groups going on strike all have individual reasons for striking, which arguably is a lot worse than the concept of striking in solidarity with their fellow workers. It’s likely to be a […]

A Moan About Mone

Lovely poster of Michelle Mone from @pennyamott I suspect everyone has already heard about Michelle Mone and her alleged involvement with the PPE scandal that has come to light at last. In this case, Michelle Mone, a Tory peer, seems to be inextricably linked to PPE Medpro, a company that, until the pandemic broke out, […]

The Monarchy and Aristocracy in General

Buckingham Palace This week we have seen another example of how out of touch the monarchy and aristocracy in general is with society, with a prominent lady-in-waiting acting in a manner which can only be described as wholly inappropriate towards a black lady attending the palace. There are already vast numbers of people defending her […]