About Ian

You might want to know a bit more about Ian (me) and what I have done with my life to date before deciding to trust me to represent you. In addition to this background you can check out my blog to see what I have been up to recently, and you may also glean some information about me from Family Politics, my show about how politics affects the everyday lives of my family.

Ian at Ruislip Lido

Ian at Ruislip Lido

Working Life

In my day-to-day job, I am a Chartered Financial Planner with the Chartered Insurance Institute. I have spent years advising people on how to manage their finances legally and ethically, and as a result I am intimately familiar with the personal tax regime of England and Wales, or at least familiar enough to know how the system can be abused by those who wish to be more questionably moral.

I have been working in personal finance since 2008 in a variety of capacities, achieving Competent Adviser Status (or CF30 as it then was) in 2010. Since then I have progressed to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning from the Personal Finance Society. I am a current member of the Expert Witness Institute and have presented on a number of occasions to audiences ranging from interested private individuals through to private client solicitors wanting a more technical briefing.

Prior to my work in finance, I underwent a graduate management training scheme with the British Standards Institution.

Before that, I was a student. I completed a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. During this time I also took an extension module in Japanese, though I have since forgotten most of this through lack of practice.

Fun fact: I have lost a job because I refused to compromise my ethical position on the treatment of clients. Without question this set me back in my career, but I am pleased to say that it is something I would repeat even knowing the eventual outcome.

Hobbies and Interests

“What are you like outside of work?”, I hear you ask. Great question!

Until fairly recently – and I will explain why – I was an avid martial arts instructor, reaching the level of second degree black belt in jū jūtsu with the Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu Association. This art is a form of self defence with origins hundreds of years ago but modernised to take account of current acts of violence. During this time I taught hundreds of students at Imperial College London the basics of self defence and the law, but more importantly I established a community of people around me that I could trust implicitly and who could in turn trust me back. As part of this development, I even had attendees from the club at my wedding, and I have been to several weddings for fellow instructors and students.  I was even asked to be the official photographer at one such wedding, which was immensely touching.

Ian doing jū jūtsu

Ian in His Martial Arts Days

In addition to the martial arts, I also very much enjoyed snowboarding and wakeboarding, and I was a fairly recent convert to weightlifting. I had also been known to practice fencing, but traditional fencing involving longswords rather than modern Olympic fencing.

Ian wakeboarding

Ian Wakeboarding

Unfortunately everything changed when in 2019 I broke my back and in 2020 I developed a permanent brain infection as a consequence. Now I am partially disabled, in that my balance and co-ordination is poor, and I tend to fall over a lot if I don’t use one or more sticks to balance. Needless to say, that brought an abrupt end to my time as a jū jūtsu instructor as well as to my other physical hobbies.

Now you will find me enjoying photography and trying to learn t’ai chi. I also return to the gym begrudgingly, but this is now more of a physiotherapy than for enjoyment.

I am also a big reader, a huge fan of superhero films, and something of a geek when it comes to hanging out online with friends.

My Media Appearances

I thought it would be useful to keep track of my media appearances here, so if you remember seeing me somewhere and want a reminder of where, this might help.  It’s currently early days, so this list is fairly limited, but with any luck it will expand over time.

This is my show, so I appear in every episode.  You can go to the show homepage here.

I have been a regular guest on the Global Atheists podcast due to my lack of faith (and the fact that I know the producers).  Episodes I have appeared on so far are:

If you’d like to reach out and arrange a media interview or other participation, please feel free to get in touch.

Hazeena A

Ian, thank you once again for your support. It means a lot.

Thank you so much for [creating this petition] and so amazingly quickly!!!

You did a brilliant job on both the blog and petition. Some of the NHS staff were even impressed with the speed at which you addressed this, and I have had varying positive comments from friends who have read your post.

Hazeena A - Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner Resident

Sheena Y

Having worked with Ian I can say that I found him incredibly transparent and honest which I think would be rare and much needed in today political arena. He is also very clever, direct and a great communicator.

Sheena Y, former co-worker

Andy H

Ian is a very smart individual, but more importantly is honest and truly cares about people.

He is an unselfish individual and would absolutely have the public's best interests at heart.

Andy H, brother

Luca M

I met Ian a few months ago for the first time and straight away I felt confortable with him and I thought: " Ok I would trust that guy".

Luca M, fellow speakers' club member

Francisco V

Throughout the 12 years I have known Ian, he has always demonstrated to be very bright, kind and upright. I've seen all of these attributes in his personal life, for instance, in our sport association he volunteered as treasurer where he improved the overall system and costs as well as championing charitable giving & generous donations. He'll definitely make a difference in a bigger role in politics.

Francisco V, fellow jū jūtsu instructor and friend

Irene H

You have the moral integrity and high standards in all aspects of the requirements of your potential constituents. You will stand up to injustice and defend those deemed to have had injustice against them. You are committed to environmental change and to look after the less well off in society.

Irene H, mother

Graham C

First and foremost, your personal ethos of kindness and care for others is your top qualification. That you are also highly driven with a need to be productive, and understand very complex matters such as financial systems, makes you stand out.

Graham C, fellow jū jūtsu instructor and friend


You are one of the most principled people that I know. You are committed to making changes that support the most vulnerable in our society and you don’t give up when you know you’re fighting for what’s right.


Helen C

Unlike the rest of us who are disillusioned with the lack of honesty, morals, and the unfair and outdated ‘public schoolboy network’ displayed by this government, you have decided to stand up and make a difference.
Your constituents couldn’t have a better candidate.

Helen C, Aunt

Miles H

Having known Ian for a number of years during which we worked closely as Financial Advisers, I am confident that he would make an excellent MP. Ian is an intelligent man who has the ability to absorb, understand and manage complex information quickly; I have, on many occasions, witnessed him do this whilst retaining the ability to explain it, in a manner which is easy to understand.

I have seen Ian display the courage of his convictions on a professional level, where he has put the clients needs before that of the company and have no doubt he would carry this attitude into public life.

Ian and I have disagreed on politics in the past, but he has always listened carefully to any position and taken time to offer a thoughtful response. If he became an MP I am sure his constituents would benefit from an effective and hard working representative.

Miles H, former co-worker

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