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Is the UK a Failed State?

Not exactly a pleasant though, but has the UK failed as a whole? Wikipedia lists the following as general categorisations for a failed state:

Wikipedia – Failed State

Of these, I would argue that the only one we have not satisfied is the first, in that we have not (yet) lost control of any territory nor have we (yet) lost any of our ability to call upon the armed forces. Looking at the other categories though:

Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions

Without question, the current government has almost done its best to delegitimise their authority. After all, we are on the third Prime Minister in the span of a few short months, and I have lost track of the number of scandals that have caused ministers to resign or be sacked. It is genuinely hard to accept that the current government has any mandate to lead, and in addition to this they have demonstrated time and time again that they do not have the collective character to do so.

Inability to provide public services

Sewage is being dumped into our waterways without treatment, doctors and nurses have threatened strike action for the first time ever, utilities have spiked in price, transport workers have repeatedly had to strike, several councils have had their refuse collections go on strike, education authorities have been brought to their knees with continuous budget cuts.

Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community

Brexit. Need I say more. We chose as a country to fulfil this particular requirement, and we can blame the Conservatives for blindly following a narrow advisory referendum into economy and diplomatic disaster.


The more I think of it, the more I think that we are presently a failed state. Our leaders do not have a mandate to be in charge, they do not have the confidence of their electorate to do the right thing, and the continuous changes in leadership show that they do not even have confidence in themselves. Hopefully this government is in its dying throes and we will not see significant additional harm before we can kick them out as voters.

Hazeena A

Ian, thank you once again for your support. It means a lot.

Thank you so much for [creating this petition] and so amazingly quickly!!!

You did a brilliant job on both the blog and petition. Some of the NHS staff were even impressed with the speed at which you addressed this, and I have had varying positive comments from friends who have read your post.

Hazeena A – Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner Resident

Sheena Y

Having worked with Ian I can say that I found him incredibly transparent and honest which I think would be rare and much needed in today political arena. He is also very clever, direct and a great communicator.

Sheena Y, former co-worker

Andy H

Ian is a very smart individual, but more importantly is honest and truly cares about people.

He is an unselfish individual and would absolutely have the public’s best interests at heart.

Andy H, brother

Luca M

I met Ian a few months ago for the first time and straight away I felt confortable with him and I thought: ” Ok I would trust that guy”.

Luca M, fellow speakers’ club member

Francisco V

Throughout the 12 years I have known Ian, he has always demonstrated to be very bright, kind and upright. I’ve seen all of these attributes in his personal life, for instance, in our sport association he volunteered as treasurer where he improved the overall system and costs as well as championing charitable giving & generous donations. He’ll definitely make a difference in a bigger role in politics.

Francisco V, fellow jū jūtsu instructor and friend

Irene H

You have the moral integrity and high standards in all aspects of the requirements of your potential constituents. You will stand up to injustice and defend those deemed to have had injustice against them. You are committed to environmental change and to look after the less well off in society.

Irene H, mother

Graham C

First and foremost, your personal ethos of kindness and care for others is your top qualification. That you are also highly driven with a need to be productive, and understand very complex matters such as financial systems, makes you stand out.

Graham C, fellow jū jūtsu instructor and friend


You are one of the most principled people that I know. You are committed to making changes that support the most vulnerable in our society and you don’t give up when you know you’re fighting for what’s right.


Helen C

Unlike the rest of us who are disillusioned with the lack of honesty, morals, and the unfair and outdated ‘public schoolboy network’ displayed by this government, you have decided to stand up and make a difference.
Your constituents couldn’t have a better candidate.

Helen C, Aunt

Miles H

Having known Ian for a number of years during which we worked closely as Financial Advisers, I am confident that he would make an excellent MP. Ian is an intelligent man who has the ability to absorb, understand and manage complex information quickly; I have, on many occasions, witnessed him do this whilst retaining the ability to explain it, in a manner which is easy to understand.

I have seen Ian display the courage of his convictions on a professional level, where he has put the clients needs before that of the company and have no doubt he would carry this attitude into public life.

Ian and I have disagreed on politics in the past, but he has always listened carefully to any position and taken time to offer a thoughtful response. If he became an MP I am sure his constituents would benefit from an effective and hard working representative.

Miles H, former co-worker

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